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The Customer Area is the on line reporting service of the PIR Group.

Through the Customer Area, Clients can access in real time the key information regarding their products stored at PIR Group’s terminals.

For more information and details concerning the use of the Customer Area, please consult the User Guide.

Service main features

  • real time poducts monitoring;
  • selections and fliter of data;
  • searching available upto 24 months;
  • data export (Excel);
  • printable version of the reports.

A short description of the available reports follows.

Stock Inventory Report

It reports the stored quantities referred to a single date. The quantities are expressed with all the units of measurement used for the products and its kind of packaging.

In-take Report

It reports the main data of the in-taken products, both received and transferred by/into the Terminal.

Redeliveries Report

It reports the main data of the redelivered products, both sent and transferred by/from the Terminal.

Customs Status Report

It reports the main data referred to the current inventory stock divided per product, kind of packaging and customs status.

In/Out Report

It reports for each storage location/mode, on daily basis, the quantities divided per product/kind of packaging and referred to opening inventory stock, in/out throughput, loss/surplus and closing inventory stock.

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