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Located in Genoa, operating at the highest standards of safety, quality and environment

Superba terminal started its activity in the sixties on an area of 22.000 sqm to meet the increasing trade that had always naturally linked the Port of Genoa to Northern Italy and Europe. Directly connected to the Multedo Oil Port (integral part of the Genoa Port) facilities for loading/unloading vessels, Superba has, through the years, become the most important base for the supply of chemicals and petrochemicals to Northern Italian industries.

Provided with management safety systems set according to the highest international standards, the terminal specialises in storage and handling services for bulk chemicals and petrochemicals without performing any transformation, processing or blending of products inside the installations.


Thanks to well-trained human resources and considerable financial investments, Superba obtained through the years the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and CDI certifications.

The terminal's current safety fixtures:

  • fire protection facility equipped with water spray system and foam fire extinguisher;
  • cryogenic palnts
  • automatic overfilling and overflow prevention system connected to a 400 cbm dedicated containment tank, each tank has three electronic gauging levels to prevent overflow;
  • cryogenic systems for vapors collection and emissions recovery;
  • water treatment unit.


Terminal Features

storage capacity 31,150 cbm
Number of tanks 42
Range of tank capacity 100 - 1,600 cbm
Products HANDLED High and low flash point products (Cat. A, B, C): alcohols, aromatics (except benzene), solvents, acetates, ketones, glycols etc.
Services available Storage hire, large number of loading bays for tanktrucks, nitrogen blanketing, separate lines for filling and emptying, vapour recovery system provided with cooler and condenser (- 60°C), automatic overfilling and overflow prevention system, web reporting system.
Sea-tankers accommodation Max vessels dimensions allowed at the "western pier" (2 berths) managed by Porto Petroli di Genova SpA:
  • length over all 280 m in case of 2 vessels simultaneously moored at the 2 berths
  • beam no restriction
  • draft at w2 berth 10 m (32.8 ft)
  • draft at w3 berth 10.80 m (35.4 ft)
The pier is connected to Superba terminal through 6 inner pipelines 2 of them in stainless steel.

Berthing according to Genoa Port Authority regulations.




Superba Srl
Via Multedo di Pegli, 15
16155 - Genova Multedo (GE)

tel. +39 010 6986577
fax +39 010 6986540
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