Monday 18 Mar

Easy PIR: the App for the Customers of the PIR Group

From the constant attention of the PIR Group to technological innovations and the way in which they interact with the industry by creating new working tools,  Easy PIR comes: the new mobile application designed and developed for the Customers of the PIR Group.

Thanks to Easy PIR, Customers will have immediate access to the main information relating to their products stored at the terminals of the PIR Group.

The stock inventory of the products, the quantity stored in each tanks and the redeliveries of the day, will always be "in the hand" of the Customers directly on their mobile devices.

The application Easy PIR can be directly downloaded from the respective App Stores using the links in the App Stores section of this page or using the search function inside the App Stores.

To use Easy PIR simply insert the credentials used for the access to the Customer Area, the Customer not yet registered to the Customer Area can register by following the instructions on the Registration page.

Easy PIR features:
Check the stock inventory of the products
Check the level of the tanks
Monitor the redeliveries of the day
Receive notifications for each new delivery
Data updated every 30 minutes

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows Phone
Windows 8

For assistance, clarification or information please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The application was realized thanks to the support of the Apex-net team.


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